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Deep Learning, Spring 2017


Syllabus (aka required reading)

Lecture: Monday 4:55pm – 6:35pm, in 60FA 150
Tutorial: Tuesday 8:35pm – 9:25pm in 60FA 150
Classroom address: the former Forbes building, 60 5th, NY

Instructor: Yann LeCun - yann [ at ] cs.nyu.edu
Teaching Assistant: Junbo (Jake) Zhao - j.zhao [ at ] nyu.edu
Graders: Urjit and Hao (OH: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Tue - CDS open space), Yasumasa Miyamoto (OH: 7:30 to 8:30 pm Tue - CDS open space)
Please only send emails about personal issues.
Please prefix all your emails with the following tag:

Please note this is an advanced class.
- Calculus
- Linear Algebra
- Probability and Statistics
- Machine Learning (for instance, DS-GA-1003)
- Algorithms
- (recommended) Probabilistic Graphical Model


Teams: Every assignment should be done in a group of two or three. Smaller or larger teams are not allowed.

Assignment submission: TBA




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