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Contact Information, Directions

Contact, Directions

  • Lab administrative assistant: Hong Tam (212)998-3374, hongtam[at]cims.nyu.edu
  • Address: New York University, 715/719 Broadway, New York 10003
  • By subway:
    • 6 Line: station Astor Place
    • N/W Lines: station 8th street/NYU
    • A/C/E Lines: station West 4th Street (convenient coming from Penn Station)
  • By car: a public parking is located on Broadway just south of 8th street.
  • The CILVR Lab is located on the 12th floor of 715/719 Broadway

Visitors Information:

please bring a photo ID. Sign up with the guard, take the elevator to the 12th floor. Once on the 12th floor elevator platform, call Hong Tam's extension (83374) or the extension of the person you are visiting on the house phone.


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